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Swedish TV 2010-06-08

Gunnar Jinmei Linder

Chikumeisha France Lesson Center"

Gunnar Jinmei Linder's Channel


  • Eventually we are back to IRL workshops and performances.


My beginner's manual is out for sale. At presently available in English and French, and a Greek translation is on its way.

Please refer to Atelier Chikudo for details.

  • A friend of mine, Takatsuka-san, has a very useful website for gaikyoku/sankyoku pieces. Songtexts and info only in Japanese so far, but you can access recordings. The titles are in Japanese and transcription.
    Go to Jiuta FAN 地唄FAN
    At young age, Takatsuka-san studied with Fujii Kunie, but after beginning to work he got less time to practice. He was part of the staff for the Hungary tour w Fujimoto Akiko in September 2019.

  • A performance of "Shizue" by Joseph Swensen with the Porto Symphony Orchestra at Casa da Música in October 2014 is available on YouTube (see also Performances 2014).

  • Matt Treyvaud, a translator and linguist residing in Japan, found an interesting thread in my PhD dissertation. Definitely worth reading, and another strong argument for my position, that "tradition" is created from rather obscure sources, which—consciously or not—may be deceptive. Read it here. (2013-05-03)
  • Available on YouTube: A short part from the piece "Marobashi", composed by Shiotaka Kazuyuki, biwa for biwa and shakuhachi (Gunnar Jinmei Linder). This piece is also included on my CD "WA-Ginyū" (see Recordings). (2013-01-06)

centre,Public Defense

Professor Thomas Hare & Gunnar Jinmei Linder.
Examining Committee members (seated) Professor Håkan Lundström and Professor Marie Söderberg. The third member of the Examining Committee, Professor Barbro Klein, is not visible in the picture.
To the right (standing), Professor Gunilla Lindberg-Wada.
(Photo: Viktor Linder.)

Workshop in Helsinki, 2011 ..

Photo: Annelies Nederbragt ..

  • Interested in SKYPE-lessons? Please contact me for details.

Longer section of two pieces. More samples under Recordings.

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I hope to be able to update "Writings", including articles to be published at the university in Prague. The articles are based on the papers I delivered during the Conference part of the Festival in Prague in 2010, 2011, and 2012. One paper deals with an outline of a structural analysis of the phrase in honkyoku. A second paper deals with the issue of rhythm in honkyoku, and a third article is planned to discuss the sankyoku from a social perspective. I am now also working on an analysis of some of the song texts within this genre. In my PhD I have written extensively about the historical aspects of the shakuhachi, and one article about the boro and the komosō was also published in a previous number of the ESS Newsletter.

Under "Writings" you can also read about my book Notes on Kinko-ryū Honkyoku. The book includes ten (10) Kinko-ryū honkyoku pieces, with detailed phrase-by-phrase explanations on performance techniques. There is also a chapter relating to my research in structural analysis of phrases. I have added some samples from the three CD's included with the book on the homepage (see Writings), as well as some sample pages from the book. The three CD's that come with the book of course include all ten pieces covered in the book (book published in 2011).

Updated pages and other info

  • I have added explanations to the pieces on the three CD albums that appear under "Recordings". So far, I have added three samples for each of the three albums and more samples will be added later.
  • The password protected page for downloading workshop material for workshop participants (see Downloads), and the pages for Online lessons are getting updated gradually. The preparations for online tutorials are proceeding.

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