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Kinko-ryū Shakuhachi Honkyoku

On this page you find more detailed information about the book, sound samples, and an errata list.

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Newly published:

Notes on Kinko-ryū Shakuhachi Honkyoku — Performance Techniques: Analysis, Classification, Explanation

The book in introduced below. You can download the List of Contents, listen to samples from the three included CD's, and look at the Errata List (also as downloadable pdf).

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The book consists of 241 pages, covering 56 pages of theoretical discussion, and 129 pages of detailed explanations and scores of ten pieces covered in the book. The pieces are explained phrase-by-phrase, with corresponding phrase numbers in the score. Each phrase has either its own full explanation, or a reference to previously encountered phrases.
I have also added some fingering charts and a quick reference guide to the main techniques covered, to make it easier to adjust to the Kinko-ryū terminology.
The book comes with recent recordings of the ten pieces (recorded in October 2009), and newly written easy-to-read foldout scores. The scores are based on the Miura Kindō notation, but where added information in Japanese in the Miura is not essential I have excluded it from my notation (in cases where the information is essential it is included in the explanation of the phrase). Here is an example from "Taki-otoshi no Kyoku", in the Miura notation (left) and the notation in the book (right).

Miura notation
Notation in the book

The notation in the book is beautifully calligraphed by Ryōko Satō-Linder in 2010.

Here you can download a pdf-file containing the List of Contents, Acknowledgement, Preface, and Foreword:

The aim with this book is to supply a material for workshops and master classes, as well as for self-studies of Kinko-ryū honkyoku. The book can also be used as a reference for pieces covered in your learning process.

Here is a List of Errata, that will be continuously updated. (Latest update: August 5, 2011)

PagePhraseLineIt reads:It should read:
96(u 2-4-5)(ha 2-4-5)
96(u 4-5)(ha 4-5)
100232You can add an attack on hole 2You can add an attack on hole 4
114233by shadowing hole 3by shadowing hole 2
118471See phrase twenty.See phrase twenty, referring to phrases 3 and 24.
12537ni-shi-go no ha (open holes 1 and 3)ni-shi-go no ha (close holes 1 and 3)
129228do a meri-komi anddo a slight meri-komi and
129229slide fingers two and four for a suri-age to ichi-san no uadd an attack on hole 4 when moving to ichi-san no u
163563Then move straight to a tsu no meri, with the neck kept in the meri position.(The whole sentence should be erased)


PagePhraseLineIt reads:It should read:
155Introduction3one of the major cities in Kyūshūone of the major cities in Kyūshū,
155Introduction4one of the important komusō-temple,one of the important komusō-temples,
16143last lineor pobbisbly withor possibly with

You can also download the Errata List as a

In the playlist below you can listen to samples of all the recordings included in the book. The pieces were recorded in October 2009, at the Swedish Radio.

"Hi-fu-mi Hachi-gaeshi no Shirabe" (一二三鉢返調)
"Taki-otoshi no Kyoku" (瀧落の曲)
"Akita Sugagaki" (秋田菅垣)
"Koro Sugagaki" (転菅垣)
"Kyūshū Reibo" (九州鈴慕)
"Shizu no Kyoku" (志図の曲)
"Kyō Reibo" (京鈴慕)
"Sanya Sugagaki" (三谷菅垣)
"Sagari-ha no Kyoku" (下り葉の曲)
"Akebono Sugagaki" (曙菅垣)

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