Gunnar Jinmei Linder, 尺八(Shakuhachi) - Japanese bamboo flute


Miscellaneous photos

Every year, December 1-13, the small village Korpilombolo, near the Finnish border, arranges what they call The European Festival of the Night. In 2008 I performed at the opening together with the group Teater Sláva, an amazing group of song, dance, and instrument performers, with a mystical, magical sound!

Performance of "Det brinner" (It's burning)
Performance of "Det brinner" (It's burning)

Korpilombolo Opening

There was also a midnight performance indoors. The photos aboveare from mid-day out-door performances!

Korpilombolo Midnight Performance

The World Championship in Go, held in Leksand, Sweden, in the summer of 2007. During the championship the organisers had arranged for a variety of "things Japanese".

During the Go Championship in Leksand, Summer 2007

(Below) Performance photo from an inauguration of a bishop in the northern parts of Norway (Bodø). In Norway they still have a state religion, which of course is Christianity. Therefore, the Norwegian king attended and officiated the inauguration. This picture is from the Gala Performance after the inauguration. The new bishop had spent some 12 years in Kōbe as a missionary, so he had asked for some connection to Japan.

Bodø January 2007

A photo from a major concert at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan in 2005, together with the other members of Chikumeisha.

Tokyo Bunka kaikan 2005

Performance photo from an event in 2004.

Event in Tokyo, 2004

Student concert in Japan in 2003.

Yokohama 2003

Performing the jiuta piece "Yaegoromo with Yamada Misa,

Performing Yaegoromo

An article photo from the Japanese newspaper Nikkei Shinbun in 2002.

Nikkei 2002

Performing for an international gathering of journalists during the FIFA World Cup 2002 in Korea and Japan.

FIFA Miyazaki 02

Apart from performing I was working for the Japanese organisation JAWOC and Media Liaison to the Swedish National Team.

Recordings at the Swedish Radio in 1998, with Tanaka Kōmei, and the string players Ashigaki Miho, Sumiko, and Satō Kikuko. Kinoshita also recorded some tsugaru-jamisen pieces.

Swedish Radio 1998

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